Below are some of my clients testimonals.


Alyssa Zolna     New York, New York

Jackie is the best! I have been seeing Jackie for years getting laser hair removal treatments and there is no one better! I have recommended all my friends to see her as well. Many people say that they get laser treatments and it doesn't work and my first response is "you need to see Jackie, just trust me!"... Well almost most of them see her now and haven't regretted it for a minute! That's because Jackie knows what she's doing and every session is very personalized and unique based on your skin and what is needed for the individual. Jackie is the best for everything and there really isn't any other way to put it other than, just trust me and I promise you wont be disappointed! 


Nancy Zolna     New York, New York

My daughter has been using Jackie for many years & she finally had convinced me to see her. I have these blond hairs on my chin, that no one was willing to laser, then I met Jackie & she did an amazing job on my chin. In addition, when I would see her she would also do these fabulous peels on my face & people would stop me & ask what did I have I have done to my skin. The truth was it was just a peel. Recently, I went to Jackie for some laser and she could have easily taken my money, but she said honestly, you don't need it. Save your money. She is honest and fair and will do what she believes is best for you.


Eliana Belmonte, DDS    Boca Raton, FL

Jackie is an experience esthetician in the most challenging procedures: lasers and chemical peels. In the arena of today demographic she is an expert.  I have done laser procedures with her on yearly bases for five years and the results are amazing. She has treated me for pigmentation, skin tightening and facial spider veins. I also know her in a personal level since we have been in this industry for more than 20 years. Jackie’s  experience makes me trust her and travel from South Florida to NYC to only have her treat my skin.


Lani Mandelbaum New York, New York

I have been going to Jackie for Laser Hair Removal and it has been an absolute pleasure. I had tried Laser Hair Removal before and was very disappointed with the results so at first was hesitant to try it again. With Jackie the procedure really worked and I started seeing a difference immediately She is always on time, confirms her appointments and is very professional. I highly recommend Jackie for Laser Hair Removal. 


Blog Post from Abella Skin Care  dated 7/18/12

Title: Post Laser in the Heat of the Summer while in the Big Apple


On Tuesday July 10th at 2:30 in the afternoon I had non-ablative laser for my veins around my nose and also laser to tighten the skin on my lower eye lid in New York City. Most people would be nervous to have laser in the summer and especially on my skin type. I have brown Latin skin, in the medical field known as type 4. But I had a protocol ready to fight the heat and I completely trust the skills of Jackie Enright, the paramedical Esthetician who did my treatment. Following my laser treatment I immediately applied my sun protection ColorShade SPF 30+ and wore my elegant Tilley hat SPF 50. I used the gentle Dual Cleanser when I washed my face. Here I am a week later very confident with the results and happy to report my positive experience. Click here to see visit blog.